Greetings from Shanghai – 6/22 – 7/27/18

Before I start posting the memoir, I would like to write about my trip so far.  I was awakened by the alarm clock at 4:30 a.m. and just felt I was perhaps going to end up missing my flight.  I had stayed up late to pack and was ready to go.  Before I started to despair,  I felt the peace of God and trusted in His guidance for my trip. . Time to go

Somehow I decided to embark on another visit to China for a vacation.  I have arrived and am staying at the Asset Hotel.  I have a project–to write my story as a foreign student based on my letters home.  I recently found a box of my letters home, totaling over 150 and written circa 1959 – 1963.  My mother kept them in a box with a piece of paper stating:  “Over these four years, God’s grace has been recorded in these letters; for this reason these letters remain and are kept–to remember God’s grace”.  I pray that the Lord will provide the strength and  wisdom to complete a memoir for His glory.

I arrived at NJ Transit located in Penn Station, and Myron came up to greet me.  He is a brother in Christ, and he used to help me take care of my mother.  We got on the 7:10 am train to get to Liberty Airport.  I had made this trip a few times in the past few years, but this year my stenosis was making me  walk slow; and I was helped by Myron to bring my luggage to be checked in.  I almost considered of cancelling my trip.

After a smooth ride on the plane, I arrived at Pudong Airport in the afternoon of the next day.  My cousin Lu relocated to Hong Kong, and another cousin Jin Bo came to meet me.  When I saw no one, I asked a young man sitting on a bench for help.  He was able to call my cousin’s cell phone number for me.

But it was twenty minutes later before we got together, and another Chinese man spoke to Jin to describe my location.   I realized how I had needed kind strangers, many times in my life,  to come to my rescue.

Due to time change, I did not fall asleep until 6 a.m. and woke up at 7:30 a.m.  After breakfast, I decided to get a taxi to take me to the Shanghai Community Church.  It was $16.00 RMB after I was dropped off at the gate.

The sanctuary was already packed, but an elderly usher allowed me  in and found me a seat downstairs.  Others were directed to be seated at a courtyard chapel or just on benches at the courtyard.  I waited a while  until 10 a.m. before I heard the choir’s invocation–The Lord is in His Holy Temple  .  . .keep silence before Him”.  For a brief moment I was a young teenager singing the same words in the choir during the worship service at Amoy Street Baptist Church in Taipei, Taiwan.

A young woman pastor was assigned to give the sermon and did a good job.  A lady sitting next to me spoke to me and asked me to join her going up for prayer.  I  waited until she was finished praying.  Then we were ready to go.  We walked down Hangshan Road as I was trying to learn the way  to get back by subway.

I returned to the courtyard to wait until 2 p.m.  Shanghai Community Fellowship English has two worship services, at  2 and 4 in the afternoon; and only those with  passports can go in.  Two young African students came to sit near me, and I was able to speak to them in English.  They were training as interns at the Shanghai Hospital for the summer.

After I slept through the sermon, I walked up front to request for prayer for my project of writing my testimony and for the Lord to heal my body.  I gave my contact information and left to find my way to the subway station.  I learned I could take the No. 1 train to connect to the No.7 train to get back home.  When I needed to ask for directions, I was met with nice people ready to help.  I look forward to a luncheon for new arrivals next Sunday.

The temperature in Shanghaie  has reached its level when I felt hot and unbearable.  But I had spent a day at the Shanghai Community Church and just know that I have been in the presence of the Lord.  After morning worship service, I waited in the courtyard to go to the luncheon.  I arrived at the restaurant late due to waiting for someone to take me there.  A member of the worship team left his practice to help me.

Everyone was already seated at his table, but I got there on time for the program.  Each one introduced himself and Pastor said the prayer before we were served.  The food was good, and I enjoyed talking with everyone I met.  When I asked  a waiter to take a photo, the Pastor came to be in the picture.  I also had a chance to give to him an envelope with sample gospel tracts and the address of my blog.

I was just getting ready to go to an internet bar for a look at my emails when Judson, my niece’s husband, brought me his spare laptop and connected it to my room. I can do my work right in my room–a door seemed to be opened for me to be able to complete my project.  Lord willing, I can travel and complete this memoir.  Judson agreed to keep my box of letters home until I have another chance to travel to Shanghai.

The Asset Hotel is located at a quiet and secluded corner away efrom the street called Wanping Road.  There is a bank across the street, and the Lun Wah Hospital is next to the bank.    I can walk down on either side of the road to visit dress shops, a grocery store, restaurants, noodles shops, etc.

This place is condusive for me to start my writing project.  I have someone to clean my room everyday, a free breakfast, cousins to visit and talk with me, and many quiet hours to organize my notes; and if I get tired, I can watch TV.  I watched one local news program about a young officer saving a girl’s life.  Later her parents came to the Department of Public Safety to give him a placque stating their appreciation.

Last Tuesday I received a phone call from my c ousin Lu, and she was comi ng to visit.  She had just returned from helping her daughter in Hong Kong to move to a new apartment.  She came and I started to discuss my plans with her.

There was someone at my door, and our friend Peng came to visit.  We walked to a restaurant, catching up with our news.  Since I had some problem with my laptop, Lu helped to carry it to the store for repairs.  I give glory to God I can still use it.

On the eve of my stay in China, Peng and I walked down Lin Lin Road to mail some books at China Postal Service.   Before reaching the PO, I had found a shady garden with different kinds of  trees.  I usually like to sit a while in the shade, one time had my photo taken by a stranger.

I seem to feel the presence of the Lord and thanked Brother Peng for t he visit.  I shared with him I would like to come back again, and finish my project.  Have to stop now as I have to return the laptop to Judson when he comes to get it.

I made another trip later from 11/21 – 12/23/2018 and celebrated my birthday with my relatives.  I also tried to complete more letters to add to my memoir, and finally Letters Home is now completed. 

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